Boxes of love 

When someone you love loses a child it is hard to know the right thing to say or do is. Many times we shy away from doing anything at all because we believe the absence and silence is better than doing or saying the wrong thing. 
As a loss mom I can tell you absence and silence is not what we need.

More times than I can count I am asked, 'What can I do for my friend, family member, coworker, etc. that has lost a child?'.

They ask what helped me the most.

What words were spoken?

What grand gesture was made?
What gifts were given?


I have thought about this a lot.


It is the simple things that mean the most. It's the reminders that let me know my child is not forgotten. It is affirmation that no matter how much time passes since the loss of my son my people are still here for me. It is the act of them just trying. Reflecting on my own grief journey I have come to the realization there is a need. And a need I can help with. I can help bridge the gap between these two worlds. We can let supporting our loved ones outweigh the fear of doing the wrong thing.

I've created 3 boxes. I call them my Boxes of Love. Each one is unique & special to me. I have handpicked their contents with things that helped me each in their own way, along my child loss walk. Every box is put together with the understanding of the multiple feelings and depth of pain that comes with losing a child. The boxes hold comfort, hope, much needed self pampering & support. But most importantly they hold love and acknowledgement; your child is not forgotten and I am always here for you.
Let's bridge this gap together.
Knox's Mommy