To My Rainbow Baby

To my rainbow baby, what I need you to know.

The day will come when you are old enough to understand what holding the title of a rainbow baby means. I imagine the questions you will ask. I imagine the mix of emotions you will feel as you take it all in.

There are things I need you to know and always remember.

This role you have inherited does not define you. You are so much more to us than just our rainbow baby. You bring us endless amounts of joy because you are YOU. It wouldn't matter if you were the first born or the last, our love for you would be the same. The place you hold in our hearts has nothing to do with the the place you hold in the birth order of your siblings.

You are not your brother's replacement. He cannot be replaced and neither can you. You are two different people. You were authentically designed by the Creator himself. You have your own sense of humor, your own silly quirks, your own contagious laughter. Being our rainbow is very special. I will never deny that. But you being YOU is even more special.

Like anything that happens to us in life it is a part of our story. This is a part of your story, but only a piece of it. It is a beautiful beginning. But your story holds many wondrous chapters that follow and they can be anything you want them to be. YOU get to dream them and write the rest of your book.

Please don't ever wonder if you are only here because he is not. You are here because God chose you. You are here because YOU are a part of His plan for us. You are here because we are a part of His plan for you. And we thank him every single day for this.

I don't love you because you are my rainbow baby. I love you because you get excited when the wind blows your hair. I love you for that wide toothy grin that stretches ear to ear. I love you for climbing into my lap because you need extra snuggles.

I love you in million different ways on a million different days because you are YOU.