The Wail of a Mother

Sometimes words speak directly to you. Words you wish you didn't understand. Words you do not want to relate to. Words causing you to catch your breath.

I had one of these moments several nights ago.

Stumbling across the show 'Cold Case Files' I watched a story about a little girl who had been kidnapped and killed many years ago.

Her stepfather was interviewed. He spoke of the night his wife was told her daughter had died. He profoundly articulated the agony a mother feels when they’ve lost their child. I was taken back in time to the day my own son died.

"She let out a wail I will never forget. It's a wail that goes to your soul. And I knew what it was. It speaks to something very primal in you. It's the wail of a mother losing her child. Once you hear it you will understand it. Because it's the most soul-touching scream a woman will ever let out."

That wail is the sound of a heart shattering into a million pieces. That wail is the sound of knowing your life will never be the same. That wail is the sound of your future slipping between your fingers like tiny grains of sand, unable to hold on to, unable to grasp. That wail is the sound of a thousand dreams turning into one never ending nightmare. That wail is the sound of the battle cry you will scream out for the rest of your life. That wail is the sound of the strongest and deepest love known to mankind.