The Spaces Between You

The spaces between you.

The space between your smile that morning.

Until your last breath that afternoon.

Blissfully ignorant.

Bad things don't happen to us.

The space between waiting.

Praying. Praying harder.


The final words, "we did everything we could."

The space between your big sister and little brother in our family photos.

The space that is yours.

The space left vacant by a permanent absence.

The space between daddy and I.

A space non existent until you were gone.

A space of lost words, clinging to one another.

The space between your birthdays.

Holding my breath as another year approaches.

Another year marking the missed milestones.

The space between your angel anniversaries.

A reminder of how long it has been since I have held you.

Smelled your sweet head.

Kissed your soft cheeks.

The space between your classmates at your graduation.

An empty chair.

No cap. No gown.

The space in my head.

Between the weekly schedules.

The grocery lists,

The to-dos.

The space between imagining who you would be.

Picturing what you would look like.

Hearing your laughter in my head.

The space between everything around me.

The sunrises.

The wind howling.

The crisp air.

The space in every day.

The space in everything.

The space is always you.