The Roadmap to Grief

The roadmap to grief is like no other map in existence.

It does not come with directions, a legend, distance scales, labels or grids.

Instead you receive a blank canvas with no hint of where you are or where you are going. You are not given a compass to ensure you are traveling the right way.

The deep valleys you will stumble through for days, weeks, months and even years are unmarked on this map.

You have no indication of the mountains in the horizon you will be forced to climb. The highest and steepest mountains you have ever seen. You will climb these mountains time and time again. You will fall down these mountains one day and reach the top another.

There is not a place drawn on your map warning you of the deepest oceans. In these oceans you will float, swim and nearly drown.

You will accidentally wander into the dark forests. Forests so dark and thick you crawl on your hands and knees as you try to safely feel your way out.

You will spend much of your journey wandering aimlessly in circles or coming to dead ends.

Once in a while you'll approach a beautiful beach. You breathe in the ocean air letting it fill your lungs. You soak in the beaming sun on your face. You'd like to stay here forever but you know you cannot.

You must continue on this unmarked journey with your blank map. You must continue to learn the unexpected twists and turns the invisible roads will lead you down.

You must get up after every fall, walk miles through the endless deserts and charter through the unknown waters all while carrying the weight of unbearable pain. It is in this journey you become the creator and designer of the map you were given; the map you never asked for. The map you will messily fill as you go.

This is the map to your survival.