She Needed to See Something Bigger

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

This is a woman so broken it took everything she had in her to take this photograph.

This woman, shattered to her core, took all the physical strength she had to climb to this peak.

This woman, just a month prior to this photo being taken, had it all.

This same woman lost it all in a split second. She buried her son weeks before she snapped this selfie.

She was on the verge of breaking to a point beyond repair, but still she knew she needed to go.

She needed to see something much bigger than herself.

She needed to see depths that were far greater than her.

She needed to feel the grit with each step she took, the earth pressing beneath her feet.

She needed to know.

She needed to know there was more than this life.

She had to see with her own eyes something extraordinary to solidify God is very real and right by her side. And she did. She understood in this moment her baby was ok despite the hell she was living in.

If He could create what her eyes struggled to process and her tongue could not find the words to describe, she knew in her soul they would one day be reunited.

She would hold him again.

And it's was what it took to make her keep going. This is where she found her sense of peace and her fight to will through each day.

Yes, she still feels the pain. She still has days she doubts her strength. She crumbles. She falls. She lays on the floor and cries until there is nothing left.

But she picks herself up.

She has a job to do. She knows her job is to live each day to the fullest for her baby until they meet again.