My Superheroes

So there’s this group of women I know...

They are kind of like superheroes. They have more strength than any bodybuilder and more courage than a lioness even though they may not know it or feel it. Don’t ask me to list their superpowers, there are far too many to count.

The thing about these women you need to know is they weren’t born this way. They became this way. If asked they would tell you the choice was never theirs to make but they wish it was. They are superheroes because they have somehow lived through the loss of their child and are still standing.

They hurt deeply and love fiercely.

They know what the definition of “worst day of my life” truly means.

They live without hope of a future with their child, knowing that is only possible when they are called to Heaven as well.

This group of women will never grieve over a milestone that wasn’t hit at the proper date and time. They will grieve the thousands of milestones they will never get a chance to experience.

This group of women imagine, dream and make believe in their minds what their lives would be like if only things were different. If only their child was still here...

If you don't know what I am talking about I pray you never do. If your children are still here kiss them, squeeze them tight and be so, so thankful. Be thankful on behalf of the strongest women I know.

We know being a momma is a lot of work and can be exhausting. Just think of these superheroes at the end of your long day when you feel like you may not have what it takes. Think of them when you need perspective on how hard parenting is.

If you think being a parent to a child on earth is hard, try parenting an Angel.