It's About Perspective

To my child in Heaven, thank you for changing my perspective.

The word perspective meant something entirely different to me before I lost my son. My perspective on situations life handed to me was not always the "glass half full" outlook.

I would easily anger or become irritated over things that seemed "unfair". A flat tire, a tight deadline at work, the kids missing the bus, forgetting to take the trash to the curb and missing garbage day (again).

Thinking about this now makes me literally laugh.

Yes, my heart aches for my son. There is not a second that goes by when I'm not missing him. But if I can force myself to look past the pain I see this truly beautiful gift he left me.

A brand new perspective.

Because of him I don't sweat the small stuff (or the big stuff). It doesn't really matter in the scheme of things.

Because of him I know the "right now" situations won't matter forever.

Because of him I know forgiveness isn't optional, it's a must. Time is too short to hold onto so much anger.

Because of him I am able to see so much beauty. Only beauty God could create. The beauty that reveals itself to you when the world is quiet.

Because of him I appreciate people who are much different than I am. I crave to hear their own stories because they make my life richer.

Because of him I love those around me madly and deeply.

In this perspective I see him everywhere. I feel him in all of it. He gave me the clear eyes and open heart I didn't have before he died.

What a beautiful gift to be given.