I Know...

Dear Moms & Dads,

I know how much your heart is hurting right now.

I know your world has been turned upside down unexpectedly with no certainties of the future in sight.

I know what it is like to count on watching your children meet milestones only to have them taken away.

I know the parents with preschoolers are missing that sweet little graduation, with the beaming toothy smiles, all so proud of themselves. They get to go to the big school now!

I know your heart breaks realizing you will not have a photo of this day that would hang in the house long after they are grown.

I know you wish you could have given those 5th graders and 8th graders their last few months of school before they made a major transition to middle school and high school.

I know you hate they were robbed of these last few months. The last few months of a little less responsibility, a little less stress and a little less work before the next phase of life begins for them.

I know you woke up with a pit in your stomach on the day prom was supposed to be.

I know you didn't get to see her in the beautiful dress you spent months shopping for until you found 'the one'. It hangs in her closet, untouched.

I know you feel sick for your athlete that didn't have the chance to take the field one last time with their peers.

I know you think about the lost opportunity to make it to State or beat the big record.

I know most of all you hate not being able to be their biggest cheerleader for one final season.

I know it feels like you've been punched in the stomach when you think about how they should be proudly walking across that stage to receive their diploma. Caps flying in the air with cheers of "we did it".

I know what it means to plan on your child walking down the aisle ready to begin their new life with their soulmate...and suddenly without choice the special day is taken away.

I know the ache in your heart to kiss a grandchild you haven't met.

I know how you feel...but not because of a pandemic. I know your pain because my child died. We are BOTH missing these beautiful milestones.

I cannot help but think maybe, for the first time ever, we understand and can relate to one another a little more; loss parents and non loss parents. Right now our worlds are not so different from one another.

It is ok to be heartbroken. It is ok to cry. It is ok to be anxious. It is ok to be sad. It is ok to be angry. It is ok to be disappointed.

I understand and I am so very sorry.

XXOX, A Loss Momma