Find Your Loss Tribe

One of the greatest gifts I have received after my son’s death was connecting with other parents on the same journey. The parents belonging to the club nobody wants a lifetime membership to.

These are the people who understand how I feel without having to exchange words. The only ones who can comprehend the bottomless depth of this loss and the never ending heartache that comes with it.

These are the people who ‘get it’, and me.

These are the people that make me feel the most like the old me. The ‘before the loss’ version of myself.

I do not have to explain or justify when I fall silent. They are not offended or angry when I lack to respond. The silence to them is a familiar indication; I am struggling more than normal. When they message on the extra hard dates they know how much it means to me. They also know I simply do not have the strength to do anything else but read it. And that’s ok; they know how this works.

I can laugh with them without feeling guilt. I can cry with them without feeling judged.

This group of unlikely friends and misfits truly becomes a part of your family. A new family you never imagined you would have to have. A family that will save you more days than you can count.

If you’re a loss parent and you have not been able to find your tribe of fellow loss parents, I strongly encourage you to find a way. It will be one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.

What I write isn’t always pretty. In fact it is quite messy more often than not. It doesn’t come packaged and tied with a bow. Instead I have promised you from day one, it will always be real, raw, and honest here.

Maybe you or someone you know needs to finally hear these four words - YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

If you are a child loss mom or dad or maybe you know one in need of validation that everything they feel is normal; that together we do survive - we are here. PLEASE invite them to like and follow Spaces Between You.

From the Spaces Between You Tribe - we got you and we will always have endless spots available here ❤️