Time is the answer when they don't know what else to say to you.

Time heals all wounds.

Time eases the pain.


Time is different in this world. It doesn't exist like it once did. Time is now split into a before you and an after you. The best, the time between the before and after of course.

Time scares me now. My fear is the more it passes the greater chance I have of losing memories. The smallest details lost somewhere deep in my mind. I find myself constantly searching for them. When I find one it feels like I've found the world's rarest jewel. I want to place it in a secret box and keep it locked up where it will stay forever. Like the way the side of your mouth would just barely shift into that smirk I didn't think I'd ever have to live without.

Time, so desperate to rewind it I would do anything. Just one more day. One day to watch the thousands of tiny moments I missed because I didn't take the time to stop to look. The ability to go back and soak in every piece. Each facial expression, your sweet scent - the sound of every breath you took when the rest of the world was quiet.

Time is now my alarm clock blaring loudly on the dates I'd like to forget. The ticking reminding me of how long it has been since I've held you. Always reminding me of how long it has been since we said goodbye. This alarm doesn't come with a snooze button.

Time eventually softens the harsh blows, they show up less often but it doesn't make me forget. Time does not make me miss you less or love you less. It does not make the tears end and dry up forever.

The one thing time does give me is the promise I am one day closer. One day closer to seeing you again and hearing your belly laugh. One day closer to squeezing you without ever having to let go.

Time. It passes.

You learn how to dance with it.

While it changes most things in life, it doesn't change everything.