Life After Child Loss

My Story

I am the mother of four; 3 children on earth, 1 in Heaven.

My third child, Knox Owen, a perfectly healthy and happy baby took a nap at daycare and never woke up at just 3.5 months old. His death was ruled as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

As my husband and I entered our new reality and began living our worst nightmare as child loss parents we were completely broken. Yet despite our deep pain we knew there was something we needed to do to help other families from experiencing this same loss. We began the foundation, Knox Blocks Foundation, in honor of our beautiful little boy. We provide families with Owlet Smart Socks, a device that tracks infants heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep, alerting parents if something is abnormal. Over 5,000 monitors have been gifted on behalf of Knox’s foundation and countless infant’s lives have been saved.

As a former freelance writer, I began my blog, Spaces Between You, as an outlet and way to process my grief. Close to the the two year mark of Knox’s death I was desperately struggling. Sobbing one evening in my husband’s arms I said, “Everyone tells you how to survive your first year but then what? No one tells you how to actually LIVE again.” His response, “And that’s what you write about.”

Many loss parents have found comfort and hope in Spaces Between You knowing they are not alone and relate to the raw and authentic truth I tell about what living through child loss is like. This space has also opened the door to non loss parents by providing them a front row view into what it is like living each day without your child.

I continue to stumble through this journey, finding light through the cracks, with my husband Mark, son Hunter, daughter Gracen and rainbow baby Maverick by my side. My angel in Heaven always leading the way.

I hope you are able to take a piece of Spaces Between You with you on your own journey.